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Our Average Rating

Susan Kinsler
Dec 09, 2021

Chris McGrath is amazing. He is so thorough and when finished takes the time to explain everything to you. I feel I am going into my purchase knowing exactly what I need to know and more than I expected to know. Chris did an outstanding job. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
Robbie Irvin
Aug 22, 2021

Chris McGrath did a great job with my inspection on the house my wife and I are buying. As a first time homeowner it makes me happy that he did such an amazing job and explained everything he found or had concerns about. I can't speak for everyone at QAI but if they are anything like Chris McGrath then you will not be disappointed. 10/10 would do again.
Lisa H
Aug 21, 2021

Chris McGrath conducted an inspection on the home we are purchasing. The inspection was thorough. Chris was professional, knowledgeable and personable. He clearly explained his findings and answered all our questions. Would definitely recommend Chris and QAI.
Christopher Carlock
Jul 27, 2021

Chris was knowledgeable and polite during my inspection. He was able to explain things to me in a way so I understood the scope of the repairs required. In the end, Chris saved me from being in the movie Money Pit. If you are looking for a seasoned inspector, look no further. I highly recommend this team!
Hunter bealer
Jun 21, 2021

Chris was very helpful, professional and through going through each room and showing us everything. Would recommend Chris for any inspection you need.
William J
Jun 21, 2021

Our experience with Chris was great. He was very professional and explained things in detail. He also answered my questions. All in all... A very nice experience!
Araya Paolini
Apr 14, 2021

Me and my husband are first time homebuyers and we are so grateful that Chris M was our home inspector! He really broke everything big and small down for us in a way we could understand it without being overwhelmed. Not to mention he was super friendly from the moment we met to the moment we left the site. He gave us a lot of tips on how to keep up with our new home overtime, which was super helpful since we are first time homebuyers. I couldn�t have asked for a better home inspection experience. Thank you Chris and QAI!
Araya Paolini
Apr 14, 2021

Me and my husband are first time homebuyers and we are so grateful that Chris M was our home inspector! He really broke everything big and small down for us in a way we could understand it without being overwhelmed. Not to mention he was super friendly from the moment we met to the moment we left the site. He gave us a lot of tips on how to keep up with our new home overtime, which was super helpful since we are first time homebuyers. I couldn�t have asked for a better home inspection experience. Thank you Chris and QAI!
Seth LaHorner
Feb 12, 2021

Chris McGrath performed my home Inspection. I could not have been more happy with his attention to detail, Proffessional knowledge, and his thorough inspection. Having been in the construction industry, I can spot quality when I see it. This company and Chris McGrath ecspecially, went above and beyond. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a home inspection that has integrity, proffessional, and knowledgeable dedication to their customer service. - Seth LaHorner
Khalid Stevenson
Oct 18, 2020

Paul was on time, answered all our questions and followed up with me as I received my report. Definitely will ask for him again before I close and would refer them to others. Thank you.
Heather Bailey
Oct 02, 2020

Chris McGrath did an amazing job, he was very thorough, showed up 40 minutes early to start the exterior inspection and explained everything that he had inspected as well as giving us rough estimates of the things that needed repairs. Would highly recommend him to anyone I know.
Lamar R
Sep 25, 2020

Chris McGrath did a fantastic job with our home inspection. He was thorough and also explained everything along the way. I would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone for home inspections. Thanks, Chris!!!
Beth Spille
Sep 15, 2020

Chris McGrath did an amazing job on our home inspection! He was thorough, professional and a clear communicator. We will continue to recommend him to friends and family. Thank you for taking care of us!
Beth Spille
Sep 15, 2020

Chris McGrath did an amazing job on our home inspection! He was thorough, professional and a clear communicator. We will continue to recommend him to friends and family. Thank you for taking care of us!
Kimberly Holmes
Sep 03, 2020

I wanted to say that Chris McGrath did an incredible and through inspection of my home! He was extremely professional, and explained everything that he did! Highly recommend!!! Thank you!!!!
Dusitn Balentine
Jul 25, 2020

Chris McGrath did amazing on both of our home inspections! He's very thorough with his work. We trusted his work the first time and called him back again for the next inspection. He does not skip corners! Great guy and it was a pleasure to work with him.
Leonard Struch
Jun 27, 2020

It you need a home inspection you should use Will Kemp!! He is very professional, works so well with clients and goes the extra mile even when he really did not have to. If there were 10 stars he would get them all. You will not be disappointed!!
Matt Markos
Jun 08, 2020

Chris McGrath conducted my home inspection last month. It was the most in-depth and professional home inspection I've been a part of...Chris thoroughly explained all his findings and even provided recommendations. Thanks Chris for a great experience!
Johnathan McCoy
Jun 07, 2020

Chris McGrath was the one that did my inspection. Not only was he professional and pay very close attention to detail, he also had an answer for every question I had. I could not of asked for a better experience and I would highly recommend going with QAI. I would also recommend asking for Chris.
Jarrod Davis Sr
May 18, 2020

Chris McGrath was our home inspector and I could not be anymore please at the way he meticulously went through each room & space one by one. He is very knowledgeable and went over every line item in detail. I would highly recommend QAI and Chris for everyone.
Val Valencia
May 02, 2020

Chris McGrath was our home inspector for a house that we were buying. He was very thorough and meticulous in his inspection. He answered all of my questions and is very knowledgeable. When he gave me his report summary, he made good recommendations and pointed out things to look out for or keep in mind for the future. All in all, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend QAI (and Chris) for your home inspection needs.
Bill Baldwin
Apr 27, 2020

Awesome inspection!!! Chris McGrath was our inspector and he couldn�t have been more helpful. He took his time and did an in depth inspection and answered all my questions. He walked me around when he was finished to show me any discrepancies, gave me his recommendations and made sure that he reviewed any other findings with me before I received the report Incase I had any further questions concerning them. Would definitely recommend QAI for anyone buying a home. Great experience!!!
Ahmed Bahagry
Mar 22, 2020

Thanks for a great inspiration and report on my potential home. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, highly recommend their services.
Deborah V
Feb 22, 2020

Christopher Soergel was my home inspector he was prompt, knowledgeable, professional, he explained the inspection detail by detail for each and every room that he was inspecting. He explained what was very important, roofing, windows, plumbing, electrical, fire walls, termites, etc, etc, etc. I was very pleased with his professionalism therefore if I was to ever refer a property inspector Christopher Soergel...Would be the one from QAI... thank you so much Christopher Soergel.
Ellen Hundley
Feb 08, 2020

Tom Harris came out to do an inspection for us on a property that we were looking at for our daughter. He was extremely professional, very personable and thorough. He explained everything in great detail so we knew exactly what we were dealing with. Thanks to his expertise and attention to detail we know that this property was not an good one to invest in. Without his help we could have really made a bad decision and a very costly one to us down the road. I would highly recommend QAI and specifically Tom Harris.
Angela Lara
Feb 05, 2020

I would look no further, this company is the best. I was highly impressed with Quality Assurance Inspections. Chris showed up to the home and was working before my realtor and I arrived and was very professional. He did a thorough job and I was made aware of all the findings. We went through all of his findings at the end of the inspection and he informed me on what he found. I was sent a detailed report the same day of the inspection with photos, information, and recommendation notes. The owner, Jay, of the company also stopped by during the inspection which also speaks volumes to a �quality� company. I definitely recommend QAI for anyone buying or selling a home.
Larry W
Jan 26, 2020

Chris was very professional and thorough throughout the entire inspection. He arrived at the residence early and was working before the realtor and I arrived. He identified and explained issues in great detail that I did not understand. Thank you Chris and thank you QAI. You guys rock and would definitely recommend using you in the future.
Allen Holland
Jun 19, 2019

Mr. Mabry's exceptional level of detail and professionalism lead to a thorough inspection. Starting the inspection, he was on time and I was greeted with a friendly smile. He identified issues I hadn't even seen or thought about. Would highly recommend for all home inspection needs! A++
Douglas Cox
Apr 17, 2019

Paul was great! Thorough and straightforward! He came out multiple times including on a Sunday with short notice to reinspect the work done on my new home from the PICRA. He gave me strong positions to negotiate the final contracts with and really helped me understand the condition of my home!
bruce biddle
Mar 27, 2019

Tom Harris was a breath of fresh air, answered numerous questions I had while conducting a very thorough inspection. He spent close to 3 hours inspecting a one story home and followed up with a terrific review of his inpection. Tom has a disarming personality, enjoys his job, has first-ratel set of skills and made me feel important. Would hire Tom/QAI again, as would the two real estate agents who asked for his card.
Laura Goodman
Jan 22, 2019

All of the inspectors are top notch, very trustworthy and thorough - what more can ya ask for! My buyers are happy and I am as well. Thanks for being awesome, QAI!
Lucas Sturnfield
Dec 21, 2018

I went with QAI due to the reviews and recommendation by my realtor. Very pleased that I did!! Totch Mabry arrived early and got right to work; he arrived before schedule and actually before me too. He was well into his exterior inspection work when we met and did not miss a beat at all when I started shadowing him to see what he saw. He was very knowledgeable about his work and answered all my questions without any hesitation or anything resembling annoyance as I followed him around for a couple hours. Another inspector showed up to focus on mold/pest and Totch knew exactly what the other inspector needed to know and got that fellow going immediately too with a quick two minute conversation. After conducting his inspection, Totch summarized everything for me verbally and answered more questions as we went through the preliminary report on his tablet. The resulting final report was provided that same day and was a very clear reflection of the care he took in his inspection. I am very pleased with the service provided and would enthusiastically recommend Totch @ QAI as a high quality inspection service provider.
Debbie Thibault
Sep 02, 2018

My husband and I are purchasing a home and used QAI for our home inspection. Our inspector, Totch, was extremely thorough and highly knowledgeable about everything that we needed to know about our new home. He was very safety conscious, something very important to me and my husband, and he took the time to explain every detail of the inspection to us, answered all of our questions, and and put us completely at ease that our investment was a sound one!! Thanks to Totch and QAI for making our experience a good one!
Raymond Torres
May 23, 2018

We were recently looking at a property that looked (cosmetically anyway) ready to be bought. We contacted QAI for a home inspection. The technician (Mike) showed up early and went right to work. Mike was thorough and meticulous in his approach to the inspection. Mike's report revealed several major problems that would have cost us thousands in repairs if we had gone through with the purchase. Thank you Mike and thank you QAI.
Ifat Murphy
Apr 17, 2018

I called a few company�s for a home inspection one of them was QAI Toch answer the phone he was very nice and took the time tell me everything that going to be done and was the only company that offer warranty included in the service. In the appointment he was really nice took pictures And show me all the problem in the House. His customer service was out standing will recommend them to anybody that needs a home inspection from Company you can trust Thank you Toch!!
Alexis Zweygardt
Sep 22, 2017

Jay was my home inspector during the process of purchasing my first home, he is very knowledgeable at what he does, his information and insight was very much appreciated. He provided a fantastic service at a great price, thank you QAI for everything.
Heather Shuler
Aug 19, 2017

Totch did an incredibly thorough job and, as first time home buyers, truly helped put our minds at ease. He arrived early and got right to work- he explained everything in clear terms to us (which was so important as new homeowners). Totch spent over 2 hours inspecting our 1200 sq ft home and we were k pressed the whole way through.
Haille B
Aug 01, 2017

We just finished our home inspection, as first time buyers we are new to the process. Totch came out and greeted us, he was friendly and professional. He showed up early and began working right away, he made sure to explain everything in a way that we were able to understand. He walked through several times and took his time. He gave us a military discount and a free t shirt! Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional! 10/10 would recommend!
Natasha Jackson
Jun 28, 2017

Just had Totch do a home inspection for us and throughout the entire process he took the time to explain everything he found and where to locate The GFCI's and tips to fix and maintain the house. Totch was at the site before hand, he also was extremely efficient.
Tony Cook
May 14, 2017

Daniel Mikulski was our inspector. We can't begin to say how pleased we where with the the level of Professionalism and Thoroughness of our Home Inspection! He was early for the Inspection and provided impeccable service. He not only explained to us areas of concern, he took his time to explain in detail his report. To top it off, he was an all around great guy! If I ever need an inspection again, I would definitely call Quality Assurance Inspections. Their professionalism was off the chart.
Lisa Bennett
May 06, 2017

I had a home inspection done on a home I'm purchasing just a few days ago. Quality Assurance Inspections arrived on time and provided impeccable service. They actually went on the roof, went under the house, and thoroughly checked the home's interior and exterior. Upon completion, they went over their findings and showed me where the main components were located and how to operate them. The same day, I was provided with a detailed report along with pictures. If I ever need an inspection again, I would definitely call Quality Assurance Inspections. Their professionalism and expertise is top-notch!
James Oglesby
May 05, 2017

Just had Totch do a home inspection for us and throughout the entire process he took the time to explain everything he found and where to locate The GFCI's and tips to fix and maintain the house. He conducted a very thorough inspection and identified even the smallest of details. By far the best home inspection I have ever experienced! Call QAI for your home inspection!
Mar 10, 2017

Received home inspection on a new home purchase Mar 7th,2017. Mr. Jay Bennett conducted a very thorough and professional inspection of home. Was on time. He explained everything about the house that was pertinent to the inspection including recommendations. Was provided copy of report detailing everything he explained to me on site within a day. Price very reasonable, can make payment in person or online. Great Service! Highly Recommended!!!
Patrick McDonough
Oct 02, 2016

We had a great inspection, and the inspector, Totch, was very meticulous. There was no problem scheduling. We scheduled two days in advance for a weekend inspection, and there were no issues. Shows how flexible the company is. The inspector was very professional and conducted a very thorough inspection in a timely manner. Highly recommend using this company! 5 stars!
June Waller
Sep 23, 2016

Extremely detailed, knowledgeable, professional, and just plain nice! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Jay was thorough (two inspections) and explained everything, including impacts to me as a homeowner/buyer allowing me to make informed decisions. I've had inspections before and thorough is what you want - QAI delivers. Thanks for exceptional service! Customer for life.
Christine Anglin
Sep 20, 2016

I am a real estate professional and work exclusively with Jay and his crew. I have been scheduling my client's home inspections with them for the better part of a year, they will be the only company I use and will suggest my client's take advantage of their professionalism and knowledge...You guys ROCK!!
Grace P
Sep 04, 2016

As a first time home buyer , didn't know what to look for or expect. Jay is very knowledgable and reported a detailed inspection . He throughly explained everything. Very courteous , professional and personable. Highly recommended! Thanks again for the excellent service.
Hannah Smith
Jun 12, 2016

I am thrilled with the service from this company, especially Jay! I am a first time home buyer, and was honestly just expecting the inspection to be quick/not very detailed... I was completely wrong. Our report was extremely detailed and even included pictures of certain things to show what he was writing about. My dad said it was the best home inspection report he had ever seen - he was very impressed. Jay also took the time to explain things to me when I called him (twice!) and gave me a lot of information. If we buy a house in this area again, I will 100% be using them again.
Paul Vise
Jun 09, 2016

We called QAI on Memorial Day weekend and they answered! Scheduled the appointment and Jay was there ahead of us and had already started. They inspection took about 2 and a half hours and it was very thorough! Jay debriefed on many of the issues and explained what needed to be done in such a professional way that I would recommend QAI to anyone purchasing a house or selling one so they can correct discrepancies before listing. I really appreciated the fact he took pictures in the crawl space so we could see exactly what he was referring to when describing the crawl space! Jay answered all my questions! Highly recommend him and his company to all!! Thanks Jay!
Alex Shaw
May 25, 2016

We scheduled out inspection on Monday for the following day at 3pm. I showed up 30 minutes early and Totch was already waiting. Sense we didn't have keys for the house we went ahead and started walking the outside until our real estate agent showed up. Totch was very thorough and helped explain things to me as we went. The entire inspection took a little over two hours for a 1300sf house. I would absolutely recommend to a friend.
John Shannon
May 06, 2016

Daniel provided a great inspection for my wife and I of the condo we are planning to purchase. He was punctual and allowed me to shadow him around the property. He was happy to answer all of my questions as well as explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. He was very detailed and thorough. His experience as a quality inspector was evident throughout the inspection. We will definitely be using QAI in the future. Thanks again Daniel!
Dwayne Eley
Apr 26, 2016

Thank you to Jay for the thorough inspection on our potential property, we left the home feeling that we had learned enough about the property to move forward with purchasing. thier attention to detail was second to none. I would highly recommend them to any family looking to purchase a new property.
Katelyn L
Dec 23, 2015

This was my first experience in buying a home. A lot of advice is that the process is daunting. Totch from QAI was our QAI inspector. PUNCTUAL; he was early to our appointment. PROFESSIONAL; he introduced himself and immediately began working. THOROUGH; Inspected from top to bottom in, out, and around the property WHILE explaining the process, red flags, and HOW TO fix minor repairs. FAIR; good price, comparatively and discount for military! PERSONABLE; had a sense of humor, was friendly, and optimistic yet realistic when it came down to business. EVIDENCE of all these qualities is in the fact that his reports and feedback were timely and accurate, as he promised. Whole process took 2 DAYS BOOKING INSPECTION to COMPLETION AND RECEIPT OF REPORTS. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Nick Noe
Oct 25, 2015

They did a very thorough job inspecting a home I am about to purchase. They took the time to explain and show me each thing they found. Their customer relations are second to none. I am very glad that my realtor recommended them and will definitely use them in the future, as well as recommend them to other people!
Daniel Cunningham
Oct 15, 2015

QAI was recommended to me by a friend and my realtor and I can't express how truly satisfied I am with their service. Prompt, professional, and affordable. Even in light of what appeared to be a perfect home in nearly flawless condition, they took their time and thoroughly inspected the property in its entirety. Should I come across anyone that requires home inspection services, QAI will be my first and only recommendation.
Michael Minotto
Oct 15, 2015

Detailed would be an understatement. They do not work on time, they work towards developing and explaining in great detail all aspects of deficiencies found as well as providing courses of action for proper repairs.
David Nesbitt
Jul 02, 2015

Excellent service! Worked with us on a recheck of repairs. Takes pride in work. Highly recommend!
David & Kim Charboneau
May 21, 2015

We called to have an inspection done and it was booked, completed and the report done within 3 days total. The service is professional, friendly and competent. We are very pleased with the time and detail provided. HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Thank you! :)
Fu-Quan Hawkins
Mar 27, 2015

Great company! Very knowledgeable, went into keen detail on all features. Recommended to me and my wife by realtor Derek Barnes, would definitely recommend to anyone. Jay Bennett did a fantastic job, keep up the great work!
Erica Swartwood
Mar 23, 2015

Excellent price, super fast appointment - awesome inspection service and very thorough!
Nwakaego Iwenofu
Jan 31, 2015

My fianc� and I were impressed with how through Jay was. He was there 30 minutes before and began inspecting the exterior of the home as it decided to snow. He explained every aspect of the home inspection, we asked him a million questions and he did not mind. I would recommend QAI to everyone. I was told that typical inspections last 2-2.5 hours, but I read the good ones last about 4 hours, our inspection did smile emoticon After having that inspection and emailing Jay, I'm ready to purchase my new home. If you're on the fence of who should inspect your home QAI is the way to go!!
Robin Slinker
Jan 27, 2015

Very professional Inspection and thorough job on a house I'm purchasing. From the start of online disclosure and online pay (which was very easy to understand and do) to showing up as scheduled. I felt very satisfied and comforted knowing that every detail was not over looked! I absolutely loved the projection screen slide show on the wall with the breakdown of the final report. I will use them again and again along with referring to everyone I know. Thank you:)
Wendy Leute
Jan 21, 2015

Great job!! Friendly people! And definitely worth the money!! Itemized list means you don't go into a new home purchase "blind"!! Definitely recommend!!! smile emoticon
Troy & Bridgette Smith
Nov 28, 2014

Talk about a great experience. My Wife and I just sold our house and the buyers requested a home inspection. As a homeowner these type of inspections can be a real stressful experience. Jay Bennett inspected our property and he was both professional and extremely extensive. The inspection process lasted about 4 hours for a 1,700 square foot home. All said and done the results pin pointed numerous miner infractions. Thanks for taking the time to ensure the new owners are safe and sound with there new home :) Troy & Bridgette
Becky White
Nov 12, 2014

Thank you Jay and Totch for the very informative home inspection you recently completed for my clients. They were satisfied with your services as was I. I first met Jay when he did a home inspection for my son in Back Bay at Lagomar. The house was huge and took Jay much longer than he expected. He gave my son a very thorough report also. I would recommend QAI to any of my buyers, sellers or family. Becky White William E. Wood and Associates
Chris Cousin
Nov 07, 2014

These guys were unbelievable! Great customer service and such a thorough job. Just bought an 1898 home and they went through it with a fine tooth comb. Spent all the time we needed answering questions and just made us feel confident in their review. Even came back to reinspect some stuff for us. Appreciate you guys and we know that your company is going to be a huge success. Thanks for your service to our country as well.
Richard Ebido
Oct 29, 2014

Highly recommend Quality Assurance Inspections to anybody whether selling or buying a house. Their professionalism and high knowledge of their job exceeds my expectations above and beyond. Arrived early on site and was very meticulous with their inspection. Clearly explained everything to me and answered all my questions. Thank You Jay and Totch!
Cindy Caskey
Oct 26, 2014

I have been a realtor since 2005. I was referred to Jay Bennett by a trusted affiliate. Jay and I met first for coffee and we talked about our business's and our goals . He impressed me the most by the way he uses all of his experience in life and in the military to naturally flow into his inspection company. I have home inspectors that come and go for one reason or another. After one inspection I know I will use them again. They were early, efficient and accurate. My clients loved their personalities ad how they explained everything so clearly. I will definitely use them again in the near future and look forward to many thorough home inspections!
Luke Griffith
Oct 17, 2014

These guys are awesome! Highly Professional and courteous. They explained everything they saw and annotated on the report in a way that is very easy to understand and absorb the knowledge they're passing along!
Tony Washington
Oct 13, 2014

These guys are in your corner. They are very efficient. I recommend these guys for any job if they take the time with it like they did the day of my inspection.
David J
May 17, 2014

If you are looking for an excellent property inspection. I would recommend QAI to anyone. There professionalism and honesty are something that is hard to come by in today's market. They truly care about the customer and the service they are providing. Thank you Jason and Toch.
Rich G
May 06, 2014

Mr Bennet showed up on time and ready to go to work. He was courteous and very thorough. He showed me where my problem areas were and gave great advice on repairs and preventative steps. I would highly recommend Quality Assurance Inspections and will use them every time I have a home inspection need...
Chris S
May 04, 2014

QAI performed a home inspection for my wife and I on a house we intended to purchase. Since we were not in the area, we used QAI under the recommendation of a friend. They were professional, honest, and thorough. They really put our needs first when performing the inspection. Since we have small children, they concentrated on safety items that normally wouldn't be considered in a standard home inspection. We couldn't be happier with their service and can't thank them enough for all of their help and advice. We highly recommend QAI for all of your home repair and inspection needs.
Chuck Bloom
Apr 30, 2014

QAI provide a very professional inspection and report on our home. They didn't just do an inspection, they took the time to show me what was wrong in my home and gave me tips and instructions on how to fix the issues. They were prompt and courteous. I highly recommend them.
Doug H
Apr 29, 2014

On-time and thorough home inspection. I was impressed with the in depth knowledge of the inspector and the level of detail throughout the inspection. Report was thorough and clearly described every aspect of the inspection. I have bought and sold 6 properties in last 10 years and have dealt with several home inspectors, I was very satisfied with this inspector and must say he went above and beyond others I have used. Call QAI, you will not be disappointed.
Brooks Mosley

Very professional, thorough, and your price is super competitive! Thank you for the military discount, the extras, and for being available on such short notice! Your knowledge of all aspects of the house has given me the opportunity to have some major issues corrected that I would have had to pay out of pocket, otherwise. Thanks again for your outstanding work!!!